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Days of the Conqueror is a unit based miniatures game that allows players to represent battles fought in and around the time of Duke William II of Normandy – The man who would eventually take the English crown in 1066 and be immortalised as 'The Conqueror'.


And the rules?


The rules are designed to be streamlined and easy to learn but also allow players to replicate the battle strategies used during the period. As you lead your 11th Century army, you will need to outsmart and outfight your enemies as well as maintain the discipline of your own forces. Army lists for Normans, Anglo Saxons, Vikings, Franks and Bretons are included, allowing various styles of game play and a host of historical and theoretical battles to be enacted. The season of war is upon you; will you be the conqueror or the conquered?


What sort of scale are we talking about?


Days of the Conqueror is a new game, designed for 10mm but suitable for 6mm-15mm, that allows players to use our Seasons of War engine to re-enact the battles of the early middle ages. With a focus on historical accurracy in the army lists coupled with an engine that uses features such as 'combat advantage' to show how individual fights can swing from one side to the other with one fell swoop of a sword.


Can I play with other armies?


Hell yeah! we only chose the Norman invasion because it's a period of history that we really like, and are really interesed in. If you go to the 'Resources' section, you'll find a PDF for a 'Core Army List' that provides generically named units meaning that you can play with almost any pre-powder army. Think of it as our own Ravening Hordes.


We'll be bringing out more army specific rules in the future, like the Romano-British list that you can also find in the resources section.




For a physical copy, then please use the link to the left or use the shop menu button at the top of the page..


We also sell electronic copies of our rules - the 'pack' includes a full colour version, and a print/tablet friendly version. They're available from Wargame Vault here





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