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Blas-Tastic Oct '14

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We will have news stories from time to time, so we'll be putting them up here for you to read - these will be top level news items to keep you abreast of whats happening here at Red Wyvern Games


For more informal information and sneak peaks etc then please check out our blog page where you'll be able to see more of the day to day goings on! You can access the blog from the menu bar above.




Hopefully, you'll have noticed this site is a looks a little different, and that's because it is. We spent some time over the Christmas/New Year period to really sit down and think through our plans/hope/dreams for Red Wyvern Games in 2014


This is very much a part time thing for of us. We each have full time jobs and we're all either married or in a long term relationship. Unfortunately this has meant that, especially towards the end of 2013, we've neglected some people who have spent time and money on us and our products - which isn't right full stop.


BUT - we're really keen to keep Red Wyvern Games going and we're feeling really enthusiastic about what we hope to achieve this year. With a couple of new games in the pipeline, some expansion material for our existing games and several shows we'll be attending there's lots for us to share with you this year.


We're going to take this moment to make some guarantees to you, our customers;

- We'll acknowledge any email sent to us within 24 hours

- We'll acknowledge any forum post within 24 hours

- We'll try to just be pretty awesome

New Year, New Site, New Aims, New Goals

We've had an excellent three part rules review and battle report from  Jason(Bishop Lord) over on the Grand Scale Wargaming blog! You can read all three parts over on the site or you can follow the links here!


Part 1

Part 2 

Part 3

Seasons of War Review and AAR