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Blas-Tastic Oct '14


ENGAGE! is a space ship combat game that has been designed to play intense battles between a couple of ships each side to full fleets, meaning you can put in a game when time is short or put more ships into the fold and crack out some great battles.


A move away from some of the more traditional space combat games where pre-planned movement is name of the game, Engage instead requires you to think ahead to how you intend to run you ship and assign your key resources...



Seasons of War: Days of the Conqueror is a unit based miniatures game that allows players to represent battles fought in and around the time of Duke William II of Normandy – The man who would eventually take the English crown in 1066 and be immortalised as 'The Conqueror'.


The rules are designed to be streamlined and easy to learn but also allow players to replicate the battle strategies used during the period. As you lead your 11th Century army, you will need to outsmart and outfight your enemies as well as maintain the discipline of your own forces.

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