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ENGAGE! is a space ship combat game that has been designed to play intense battles between a couple of ships each side to full fleets, meaning you can put in a game when time is short or put more ships into the fold and crack out some great battles.


A move away from some of the more traditional space combat games where pre-planned movement is name of the game, Engage instead requires you to think ahead to how you intend to run you ship and assign your key resources...


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Engage! features a unique take on the classic systems for transfering power between various ships sytems enabling you to focus different ships towards different tasks in order to take down your enemy.


Is there an ship approaching fast? do you need to pump move energy into the sheilds or put all your power to your weapons array and "Fire everything"!? But don't get to eager to go all out, because the games damage system will have you reassesing and rethinking your decisions to keep you on your toes.


Whether you've got Fleet, Squadron or Large Scale miniatues, any models will do in this game; it's designed to easily be a pick up and play game, in which you can use the selection of pre-builds we've provided for you in the rule book or you can make you own behemoth battleships and customised fleets using the points based space docks!


The Rulebook


The Engage rulebook includes all the rules you'll need to play great space based battles as they are as well as a series of scenarious to play through and will also include templates for various 'pick up and play' ships and the points based 'ship builder' so you can design your own, it also includes specialist builds and rules for 6 different races!




For a physical copy, then please use the link to the left or use the shop menu button at the top of the page..


We also sell electronic copies of our rules - the 'pack' includes a full colour version, and a print/tablet friendly version. They're available from Wargame Vault here





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Studio Bergstrom


We're very proud to have the support of Studio Bergstrom for our Engage rules, Studio Bergstrom has a fantastic range of ships, so we highly recommend checking them out!


Click on the banner to be taken to the Bergstrom home page.

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