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Blas-Tastic Oct '14

Red Wyvern Games is made up of three 20-something upstarts from the South of England. Our passion for writing rules stems directly from our love of all things ‘wargaming’ – any scale, any genre. We’ve been crafting our own rules for a good number of years and thought it was high time we shared them with the wider wargaming community.  


It gives us great pleasure to announce the release of our first two games; Seasons of War: Days of the Conqueror and Engage: Spaceship Combat. Both of these games are made for gamers, by gamers; we never release rules that we don’t love playing ourselves! We really believe that our games offer something very different from other games of their type on the market.


We’ve got plenty more wargames up our sleeves, ready to come to a table near you! We’d love to hear your thoughts, responses and ideas on our games over on our forum; we never underestimate just how important it is to take on board the views of other gamers.


Ben, Craig & Ian



Who are the Red Wyvern team?


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We're a friendly bunch and always eager to hear what you've got to say.


So send your queries to and we'll reply as soon as we humanly can. We aim to respond within 24 hours during the working week.


If you've got any thoughts or questions about a game however then we recommend that you click on the forum tab and post it over there. Registration is required, but it's quick and easy.


Plus if it's a point about a game, then you're likely not the only one to want to know the answer. So help us help you by building a solid community base where everyone can find the answers to the questions they have.